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​Members of the protected users group are afforded additional protections against the compromise of credentials during authentication processes.



Detailed information on the Protected Users Security Group can be found here

For more information, see How the Protected Users group works in this topic.

Process for configuring an account to be a member of "Protected Users Security Group".

Since this group is a domain level group please use the following process to have users added to group.

  1. OU Administrators must create a Global Security Group in their OU.
  2. Add any non calnetAD users you managed to the group.
  3. Send an email to requesting to have the group created in step 1 add to the "Protected Users" group.
  4. Prior to utilizing this group for large numbers of accounts please test that there will be no significant impact on your users.  Troubleshooting any issues will be the responsibility of the OU administrator of the OU where the group was created.