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Last modified at 5/12/2015 9:36 AM by Kevin Burney Windows System Admin

CalNetAD Scripts

The scripts available in this section were developed to assist CalNetAD administrators. The majority of the scripts are written using the JScript or VBScript scripting languages which run under the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) engine. Some scripts are also available in in Power Shell.

Create Computer

Creates a computer account under the specified OU container in the current domain.


Map Drives

Map drives specified in a input file. The script can be run manually from the command line or specified on a logon script Group Policy.


Joining Domain

Automates the domain join process. This script should be launched on the machine to be joined to the domain. Since this is a batch file, the order of the parameters is important. After completion, you will need to reboot the machine to complete the join process.


Get IP

Enumerates TCP/IP configuration of the specified host. Works for local or remote hosts.


Create User

Creates a user account in the current domain.


Create Group

Creates a group in the curent domain.


Group Members

Add, remove, or display group memberships in the current domain.


OU Tool

Creates, moves, renames or deletes an OU in the current domain.


User Tool

Moves, rename, or delete a user account in the current domain.


OU Setup

Automate OU creation procedure performed by domain administrators for campus units joining CalNetAD. Before running the script, refer to the install section.


OU Admin Contributed ScriptsUsed by OU Administrators and members of the Planning Committee to share scripts.  (Requires Authentication, and is only accessible to OU Admins and Planning Committee Members)