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Last modified at 5/21/2015 8:33 AM by Kevin Burney Windows System Admin

Directory Integration

We have implemented a phased integration of the data in our campus LDAP3-based CalNet Directory with the CalNet Active Directory (CalNetAD). The design and coding allows basic user account information to be synchronized between the two directories as detailed in the table of data elements below. Our implementation is based on the IBM Directory Integrator engine and custom ADSI scripting using primarily JScript code.

The synchronization process constantly monitors the changelog for the CalNet Directory and sends events of interest as messages to a FioranoMQ JMS Topic maintained by the CalNet Messaging system. This means that any CalNet account change, including CalNet ID changes, will be automatically synchronized and available to the CalNetAD within about a minute. To validate any CalNetAD changes that may have occurred to user accounts via normal administrative activites, a nightly comparison of user data from the two directories is made. Any differences found in comparison with the authoritative data in the CalNet directory are also sent into the synchronization process to be corrected in the CalNetAD.

More information on the Directory integration process can be found in the following articles.

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